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Have you ever looked at those participating in Olympics challenging sports competitions on TV and wondered where they knew how to perform so gracefully? Do you think that you have what it takes to be like them? Are you a sports person who thinks that your talent is now ready for the global stage? Welcome to Pentathlon Association!

Pentathlon GB is the official national organization that deals with modern pentathlon Olympic sport. It’s headquartered in Bath University, which hosts the national training centres where athletes get their training.

The association offers local, regional and national competitions for participants of all levels of proficiency and age, and highschool pentathlons are quite common. It is also hosts to a variety of competition formats, giving you the luxury of choosing which one you want to participate in. You can also involve your friends by sharing the Olympic emoji pack.

Pentathlon Competition Formats

There are several disciplines in which competitors can engage in. Let’s look at a brief on these disciplines that are combined to form the competition formats.


This is a freestyle race that can be 50, 100 or 200m long. The Pentathlon points gained (which are a maximum of 1000) are dependent on the distance and the age of the participant. The guidelines are clearly shown in the rule book. The rules also allow the disabled to try Olympic sports.


This is the only sport where your competitor can influence your score. A typical game registers the number of hits recorded for the set time. The number of hits changes depending on the number of participants in a particular session. If the set time lapses without a hit, the competitors in that session register a defeat.


This is the ultimate horsemanship challenge. In this discipline, the athlete rides unfamiliar horses for a specified distance that includes a series of 9 to 12 show jumping obstacles (including a triple and double).

The Run-shoot combo

This is always the climax of any Pentathlon GB event. The shooting is done with a 45mm caliber compressed laser or air pistol. The game starts with a handicap, and the points are based on the results obtained from the previous disciplines. The runs are anything between 1 and 4 800m laps depending on age, which is interspersed by 1 to 5 sets of knockdown or laser targets.

Pentathlon GB competitions involve a combination or series of 2 or more of these disciplines, through which points are earned. The winner is determined by the person with the most points. Here are some of association’s competition formats.

Modern pentathlon

As the name penta suggests, this format comprises of 5 distinct sports: fencing, swimming, shooting, ridding, and running. Each of these disciplines is honored separately, except running and shooting which make an exciting and challenging event when combined. 

Each competitor gets pentathlon points for each discipline, which results in a handicapped start for the event with combined sports. The winner is simply the competitor that crosses the finish line first. It is that simple. 

The Modern Pentathlon is the only sport under Pentathlon GB that is in the list of Olympics’ competitive sports.

Modern Biathlon

As the B suggests, this is a 2 game competition; running and swimming. The modern biathlon competition series involves an excess of 5000 athlete annually. The Modern Biathlon is a great training opportunity for athletes who wish to get on the path of multidiscipline competitive sports.

Modern triathlon

You guessed it; this is a 3 game competition format. It is a lot like the Modern Biathlon only that in this format, the running is spiced up with shooting for a thrilling competition. The Triathlon is one of the most popular national competitions.

Modern tetrathlon

This is a competition with four sporty activities namely fencing, swimming, shooting and running. As is the norm with pentathlon association events, the running and shooting are performed as a combined event, which makes it even more exciting.


This is a competition format with two events; running and swimming. These sporty events are carried out in a continuous format: run – swim – run. The swimming is mostly done in open water, but not always.


This is a competition that involves 3 sports namely swimming, shooting and running, all done in a continuous manner. Just like in the Biathle, the swimming may be doe in open water, and the shoot – swim – run format forms the game.

The run-shoot

This is an event that has a lot of shooting and running. The event takes off with a static shooting session, followed by a shooting and running session. 

How to get started

You need not be a pro in all 5 disciplines to consider modern pentathlon. You can engage in two of the 5 disciplines and get a start into the world of professional sports. Call Pentathlon Association GB Tel: 0844 850 0156 to get started on the training of your preferred sports. Note that the 0844 numbers mat attract extra call charges (up to 7p every minute) so be prepared. 


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