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Many businesses are growing from strength to strength and are literally bursting at the seams with potential. Perhaps your profit margin is exceptionally high, or your business requests are skyrocketing. Whatever way your business is doing so well, you need to think about your next move. It is easy to sit back and think, things are great, we are making money and getting regular business, so let's just relax and let it continue. It is almost too easy to do this in fact! Good business sense means never stopping. You should always being thinking of ways to improve and expand your business. The sky really is the limit and there is no reason why your booming business can't be even more booming. Financial security for you is a fantastic thought, but why not aim for financial security for your children, and how about your children’s children?


A great way of taking your business to the next level is by expansion. This could be going from your one floor office to two offices on different sides of town, or it could mean thinking big and going global! Here at MPGB we understand the importance that international influence can have on a business and we known that you can understand it and benefit from it too. Globalising your company can bring in a wealth of valuable experience, culture and creativity that you would never have realised if you stuck to one country. Your client base will broaden extensively and therefore so will your profit! If people love your service or product in the UK then why won't they love it in another country? 

MPGB are there to help you in two main areas, which are relocation and expansion.



If you think that your business would be better suited being based in another country then we have you covered. We can work with you throughout the processes of finding a new and suitable property, packing and moving all of your belongings, arranging staff travel and accommodation and also sorting out the legal side of things. We have connections with the best services all over the world and will guarantee you the best rates and services out there. We ensure that your move is done with complete confidentiality, but if you want to public to know then we can put you in touch with amazing marketing agents who can publicise your move in the new country.



Perhaps you want to stick to your current location, but just add on a few more locations to hold offices. As with the relocation packages we will assist you with finding new office spaces, recruiting new staff or helping any relocating staff to become settled. Our services include language classes, cultural sensitivity training and tours of the new location so that your staff can be familiar with their new environments. We can also hook you up with clients and suppliers that are relevant to your field of business to make your business continue booming the whole way!

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TestimonialsEllen Rivers

Moving Property and Global Businesses are a great service for helping you to move your company overseas. We were developing so fast that an expansion was on the cards and MPGB helped us to take the leap!

TestimonialsMartin Leeds

When my business started booming Moving Property and Global Businesses gave us the advice and support that we needed to expand globally. We now have offices in over 10 different countries and are doing better than ever!

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